Andy Sessler's 75th Birthday Celebration

LBNL, March 15, 2003

*** Announcement ***

An event to celebrate Andy Sessler's many scientific achievements and humanitarian contributions, and his 75th birthday, will take place on March 15, 2003 at LBNL. In addition, in order to pay a more lasting homage to Andy's contributions, the Accelerator and Fusion Research Division will establish a new, ongoing, division-wide postdoctoral fellowship in Andy's honor.

The event will consist of an afternoon symposium and a dinner. The symposium, which will be free and open to anybody who wishes to attend, will take place in the Bldg. 66 auditorium, starting at 1 PM (not in the bldg. 50 auditorium, as initially announced). The dinner, to be preceded by a cocktail hour, will cost $45/person and will take place in the cafeteria. The cocktail will start at 6 PM, with the dinner immediately following. A string quartet will play classical music selections during the cocktail hour. The price covers the cocktail and the dinner with wine or other beverages.

If you are interested in attending the dinner, please send an e-mail message to Tom Gallant (address below) ASAP indicating how many people will accompany you, and a check for the appropriate amount payable to Martha Condon (CBP, LBNL, mail stop 71R0259, 1 Cyclotron Rd., Berkeley, CA 94720-8211) by February 21.

*** General Information ***

For any inquiries, including special dietary requests, please contact Tom Gallant at [email protected].

For a current schedule of the event, including a list of talks, please click here (last update: 3/5/03).

For a map in PDF format with specific directions to Bldg. 66 and the Cafeteria, click here.

For a poster in PDF format, we have a low-resolution version (160 KB), and a high-resolution version (1.4 MB).

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR VISITORS Owing to enhanced security measures now in effect at LBNL, all visitors must show a photo ID and register upon entering the Lab. If these measure are still in effect on March 15th, you can expect delays at the entrance, hence we recommend that you arrive early. We will try to make arrangements with LBNL security personnel to speed up the process. Only the main (Blackberry Canyon gate) LBNL entrance will be open. For further details and updates, please look here.

For general visitor information, including maps, directions and public transportation, click on the Visitor Information link of the LBNL website.

For an LBNL site map, click here (the cafeteria is Bldg. 54).

For the dinner menu click here (posted 2/20/03)


Miguel Furman, for the organizing committee (Jonathan Wurtele, Martha Condon, Bill Barletta, Bill Turner, Tom Gallant)

*** Post-Event Information ***

For viewgraphs of the symposium talks, click here.

For movies of the event, click here. The movies are in QuickTime format (you may have to download the files to see them).

For photos (still unsorted, unedited), click here.

A set of four DVDs covering the entire event will be available for purchase. If you are interested in any or all of the DVDs, please send Tom Gallant ([email protected]) an email by February 16, 2004, indicating which DVD(s) you wish to purchase. The cost per DVD will be determined by how many orders we get; a preliminary estimate ranges from ~$6 to ~$30 per DVD. The DVDs are:

DVD #1: Symposium Part 1 (W. Barletta; L. Jones; K.J. Kim; S. Yu)

DVD #2: Symposium Part 2 (R. Palmer; G. Trilling)

DVD #3: Symposium Part 3 (A. Rosenfeld; I. Lerch) and Reception Part 1 (Live Oak String Quartet; P. Morton MC)

DVD #4: Reception Part 2 (D. Prosnitz; J. Sessler; E. Bernstein; S. Adams; A. Sessler)

An article covering the event and Andy's current interests and activities appeared in the March 21, 2003, issue of the LBNL Currents.

The Accelerator and Fusion Research Division has established a new, ongoing, postdoctoral fellowship as a lasting tribute to Andy's accomplishments. Pierre Michel, a recent graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique, has been selected as the first Sessler Fellow, and will join the Center for Beam Physics in early February, 2004.